Babylonian may refer to:

  • Babylon, a Semitic Akkadian city-state of ancient Mesopotamia founded in 1894 BC
  • Babylonia, an ancient Akkadian-speaking Semitic nation state and cultural region based in central-southern Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq)
  • Babylonian language, a dialect of the Akkadian language
  • See also

  • Babylonian calendar
  • The Babylonian captivity or Babylonian exile, a period in Jewish history
  • Babylonian Jews - Jews of the area of modern-day Iraq and north Syria
  • Babylonian literature
  • Babylonian mathematics, also known as Assyro-Babylonian mathematics
  • Babylonian religion
  • First Babylonian Dynasty, the first dynasty of Babylonia
  • Neo-Babylonian Empire (539–626 BC)

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    UNC Charlotte Team Discovers Evidence of the Babylonian Conquest of Jerusalem

    The Algemeiner 19 Aug 2019
    the first was a trench dug to defend against the Crusaders in 1099 while the second, much older, find was evidence of the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem in 587/586 BCE ... The discovery of the Babylonian siege, which ended with the destruction of the First Temple was announced later, on the day when Jews mourn the destruction of both Temples....

    Archaeological Discovery Proves Biblical Plot That Jerusalem Was Invaded by Babylonians

    Sputnik 18 Aug 2019
    King Nebuchadnezzar’s capture of Jerusalem is one of the most violent Biblical tales. The legendary siege and invasion are said to have resulted in the destruction of Solomon’s Temple and the captivity of the Israelites. Recently uncovered evidence suggests that this was not a fictional story ... ....

    Archaeological discovery helps prove Babylonian conquest of Israel

    The Jerusalem Post 14 Aug 2019
    The current find is one of the oldest and perhaps the most prominent in its historical significance, as the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem is a major moment in Jewish history ... ....

    Ancient arrowheads from the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem discovered

    Fox News 13 Aug 2019
    Archaeologists have uncovered evidence of the bloody Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem in the 6th century B.C ... ....

    Jewelry from Ancient Babylonian Destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar Unearthed at Mount Zion

    Newsweek 13 Aug 2019
    This was evidence of the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar in 587/586 BC, which led directly to the destruction of the Temple of God, originally built by Solomon, and eventually also to the exile of all the city inhabitants to Babylon located more than 500 miles away (present-day Iraq)....

    A rare gold and silver ornament found in Jerusalem among ashes of Babylonian destruction

    Debka 12 Aug 2019
    It was revealed by the Mount Zion Archaeological Project together with an abundance of artifacts including Scythian arrowheads identified in other 7th and 6th century sites as used by Babylonian warriors of the day....

    Jerusalem was ‘burned to the ground’ 2,600 years ago as rare jewel reveals how Babylonian ...

    The Sun 12 Aug 2019
    The find is so special because researchers think it dates back to the the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem, a major moment in Jewish history ... that these artefacts date back to the time of the brutal Babylonian conquest which reportedly involved the city being burnt to the ground....

    Rare Jewellery And Items Found On Mount Zion Reveal Babylonian Destruction Of Jerusalem

    IFL Science 12 Aug 2019
    A siege of Jerusalem by Babylonian forces, ending in 586 or 587 BCE with the sacking of Jerusalem, was sufficiently important in Jewish history to be described repeatedly in the Bible ... This is one of the arrows shot by Babylonian invaders as they stormed Jerusalem prior to burning the first temple....

    Evidence of the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem found in Mount Zion excavation

    PhysOrg 11 Aug 2019
    Researchers digging at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte's ongoing archaeological excavation on Mount Zion in Jerusalem have announced a second significant discovery from the 2019 season—clear evidence of the Babylonian conquest of the city from 587/586 BCE ... ....

    Clay seal of King Josiah's aide is found in the remains of an ancient office burnt down by Babylonians in 586 BC – adding weight to proof that the king really existed

    This is Money 01 Apr 2019
    The seal was found inside a two-storey office building which experts say was burned down by the Babylonians when they conquered the city in 586 BC ... Scroll down for video ... It was found inside a two-storey admin building which archaeologists say was burned down by the Babylonians ... ....

    Seal With BIBLICAL Name Uncovered in Jerusalem House Destroyed by Babylonians

    Sputnik 31 Mar 2019
    A representative of the Israeli Antiquities Authority explained that the newly found artifacts are “not just another discovery” as they “paint a much larger picture of the era in Jerusalem”, pointing at the importance of their “true archaeological context” ... ....

    What Marketers Can Learn From The Ancient Babylonians

    Forbes 22 Mar 2019
    Build a legendary brand through mythical marketing campaigns ... ....

    UK returns cursed Babylonian stone treasure looted during Iraq War

    Arab News 20 Mar 2019
    of known king Nebuchadnezzar I, and that this object must have come from illegal excavations fairly recently in Iraq.” He said from the contents of the inscription it appeared the piece came from Nippur, which was a big ancient Sumerian and Babylonian site in southern Iraq ... “It is such an important moment in Babylonian history....