Babylonian may refer to:

  • Babylon, a Semitic Akkadian city-state of ancient Mesopotamia founded in 1894 BC
  • Babylonia, an ancient Akkadian-speaking Semitic nation state and cultural region based in central-southern Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq)
  • Babylonian language, a dialect of the Akkadian language
  • See also

  • Babylonian calendar
  • The Babylonian captivity or Babylonian exile, a period in Jewish history
  • Babylonian Jews - Jews of the area of modern-day Iraq and north Syria
  • Babylonian literature
  • Babylonian mathematics, also known as Assyro-Babylonian mathematics
  • Babylonian religion
  • First Babylonian Dynasty, the first dynasty of Babylonia
  • Neo-Babylonian Empire (539–626 BC)

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    Bitchute 28 Sep 2023
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    Why These Brick Lions That Once Protected Babylon Feel Alive (Video)

    Ancient Origins 28 Sep 2023
    In contrast to our contemporary admiration for lions, the Babylonians, coexisting with these formidable beasts, regarded them with fear ... The Babylonians saw clay as a medium akin to the creation of life by birth goddesses, a representation of primal creativity ... Babylonian lions....

    Sacha Stone [Ancient Babylonian Satanic Weaponization of Kundalini Mass Consciousness]

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    Satanic 666 feet tall Obelisk Phallic Egypitian Babylonian Worship Monument

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    Was America Found By Ancient Amorite Babylonian Families

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    The Revolt Of The Athenian Against Babylonian Finance

    Bitchute 20 Sep 2023
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    The Chaldean Dynasty and the Rise of the Neo-Babylonian Empire

    Ancient Origins 15 Sep 2023
    The East Semitic Akkadians and Babylonians were in the area for roughly 3,000 years already ... Babylonian Astrology ... This dynasty refers to the Neo-Babylonian Empire, and the assumption that the dynasty’s founder, Nabopolassar, was of Chaldean origins ... This event is known as the Babylonian Captivity, during which many Jews were exiled to Babylon....

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